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Their Answers is a renowned service regarding the sale of quality SoundCloud plays as we have been serving online for many years and know everything when it comes to the quality. Many of our visitors ask us different questions when they come to us for hiring our services. Here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions to our customer support representatives.

Are your methods approved by SoundCloud? / Are you violating SoundCloud's guidelines?

Yes, our methods are absolutely approved by SoundCloud. We deliver real plays, downloads and followers quickly without use of any bots or fake accounts like most of the companies do.

We know the consequences very well, so we never violate SoundCloud's guidelines. We advertise your page across several high traffic sites and pages and use IP blocking technology to allow only internet users in your targeted country to play, comment and like your post and profile. We do not use fake bots as this is a breach of SoundCloud's terms of service. We simply use smart low-cost advertising to get your content out there to the masses.

Can one order cover several tracks?

Yes, you can spread one order over several tracks and you can even specify the exact number of SoundCloud plays you want per track.

What method do you use to generate followers?

We use a natural method to generate followers. Most people on SoundCloud follow back when they get followed, so we manually follow a particular set of people according to your choice and we keep following more users and unfollow who do not do the same in response. This is a very efficient method of gaining followers.

Do I need to provide my SoundCloud account login details?

You don't need to provide your SoundCloud login details for when you buy SoundCloud plays service, however, for the follower, you will need to provide your login details. We advise that you create a temporary password that you can change after we have completed our job.

By using our service, you can engage a great number of people and build up a great community of music enthusiasts interested in your type of music and you get quick exposure when you release your next track.

We guarantee that you will get 100% the number of SoundCloud plays you order even with some extras. So do not wait too long and get ready to be in the top list of SoundCloud with your decision to buy SoundCloud plays right now.